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Cassie had her routine treatment today, she was quite uncomfortable and restricted through her nearside shoulder.
Her owner could not think of anything different apart from changing her Bit.
Now this sent alarm bells πŸ”” ringing.
Cassie has a tendency to cross her Jaw to evade the bit. The e...

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Forelimb lameness can originate from the Poll.
On palpation your horse will show there discomfort by throwing there head trying to remove the pressure of you hand. The brachiocephalic muscle will be tight to the touch and the muscle will be active when palpated. This usually involves the Pec...

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Billy is a Eight yr old Standard Bred Gelding who's been with his owner since May of last year. He was bred to Race 🏁 and came from Wales.
November of last yr whilst being ridden down an embankment he fell landing on his knees and possibly hitting his head. After this he has begun to shake hi...

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The gluteal muscle is an amazing structure of the Equine Anatomy, the muscle group comprises of πŸ€“

The Superficial Gluteal, Its action is to extend the hip, retracts the limb and supports outward rotation.
The Middle Gluteal, its action is a poweful hip extensor, retracts and abducts the l...

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Massage therapy is a hands on treatment for overall muscle health for horses of all levels, enabling your horse to move freely. The manual techniques inuse improve circulation of blood and lymph, which enable nutrients to be delivered in the bloodstream. Ensuring glycogen is replenished aiding ...

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🌟Pre assessments.🌟

Aimed for 4 plus Horses 🐎 on same yard.

A Pre-Assessment will Include a full history of the horse, conformation assessment, locomotion assessment, tack assessment.

This is aimed for horses on a yard that may be looking to book an appointment in the future and it infor...

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πŸ’Ž is a 5 yr old TB, that once donned the track πŸ‘£ but didnt make the grade. She is a very gentle mare and a pleasure to be around.

She went and participated in some X Country over the wk end. She did well and was enthusiastic, clearing the jumps with ease. She did struggle 😩 with one fence stu...

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Every horse deserves, at least once in its life, to be loved ❀. For me, i love every single horse that i treat as if they are my own, giving them the best treatment is my main priority.
Each and every one of our equine gives us their all every time we ride them, so why dont we start by trea...

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11 months ago
Donna has been coming to see Marley for regular treatment to keep him supple and keep on top of any tension in his body, and as a result he has become much more loose and comfortable in his work. She's been patient and explained everything right from the first treatment. Highly recommend.
- Becky S
11 months ago
Donna has worked on three of my dressage/show horses and I have felt a change in all of them, more relaxed in the contact with more push from behind. She is really patient with the trickier horses and always gives a commentary on what she is feeling if you want it. We have a treatment plan in place now and I would highly recommend Donna for massage treatments for your equines
- leah t
11 months ago
Very highly recommended. My ex-racer has improved no end since Christmas when he just didn't feel right. Now he's a very comfortable happy horse thanks to Donna's caring calm nature and treatments. Thank you
- Julia T

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Offering remedial, healing and massage treatments, which include traditional massage techniques, trigger point therapy, myofascial release therapy and cranio-sacral therapy and Fascial Edge

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Areas of stress can develope in the back, trunk of the horse and his Rump. Is your horse inhibiting resistance in flexion of the spine and lateral flexion, hollowing his back and evading the bit or is reluctant to jump, or is he having problems with co- ordination. Its the time of year where it is slippy underfoot, please be aware of what may happen to your four legged friend in these conditions... please send me a message if requesting a visit and i shall happily assess your horse.

Muscle stress can be causedΒ in manyΒ ways fromΒ playing to a slip going intoΒ a jump. If left untreatedΒ compensatory locomotion will begin causing stress to other muscles as they work harder to support the initial injured area.

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